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Harbin rongxin century financial services companies in the financial sector as a whole play to its functions in order to promote economic and social development. Specifically, refers to financial institutions through business activities of financial services for customers, including financing and investment, savings, credit trading, settlement, securities, commercial insurance and financial information consulting and other services. Enhance the awareness of financial services, financial services, speed up the construction of China's modern financial system, improve the management of financial institutions, improving the competitiveness of industry, and to promote economic and social development, is of great significance.   Harbin rongxin century Harbin short-term loans of the financial service company is a professional company, focusing on medium-and long-term loans, Harbin, Harbin Harbin, low rate loans, venture loans, mortgage loans, short-term borrowing, Harbin, Harbin, Harbin needed small loans, Harbin need money in micro-credit, consumer loans, individual consumption loans, Harbin, Harbin. Harbin thaw letter century financial service company registered funds 60 million Yuan, company business range for: "to service outsourcing form engaged in Bank, financial institutions of background business service, Bank dedicated equipment of rental and the sent library service, Bank self equipment of daily maintenance and the management, by Bank delegate undertake cash, and coins clear points finishing service business, for Bank provides foreign currency cash of distribution business, domestic labor sent and financial institutions dot approval business advisory. "Companies in accordance with the rules of the Department of Commerce Banking Commission insurance regulatory Commission exchange views on the financial support to the development of service outsourcing industry (the silver-haired" 2009 "No. 284) require to proactively develop and undertake some back office operations of commercial banks. Business currently has bank accounts, cash box offices transfer deposit safekeeping, cash offices and receiving settlement payment, cash clearing and accounting document data entry vouchers sent credit files safekeeping, banking self-service equipment, plus notes, clear notes and daily maintenance, bank teller skills training, labor dispatch. With the expansion of outsourcing, the company will give full play to advantage of the existing resources, continue to reinforce the Foundation work, business outsourcing job strong banking background. Rongxin, Harbin
century is the first innovative financial services financial services company, is the industry's first landing of high-end media enterprises in brand image, is China's financial service industry franchise qualified financial service providers in the country. Continuous exploration and innovation of the Pearl easy credit, successfully franchising the mainstream of 21st century business model is reasonable and creative in the Chinese financial services industry, franchising has opened up a new business system in China, as the Chinese business community to create a new business model.