Loan rules

with the change of times, unspoken rule has become the fashion scene in today's society, throughout every corner of the economy, such as property and stock markets and supermarkets and, of course, there are loan market. So, banks dominated lending and lakes, contains what unspoken rules?

1. large amounts of money to pay trustee
a strong but fragile banks, loan funds to prevent simmering in the capital markets, from rationalizing applications on track, more than 300,000 of the large amounts of money, will be entrusted with the means of payment, funds directly to customers merchant accounts, and not by the client changed hands.
2. financial support to enhance the line
people say that money is working, but the unusual free-mortgage market, it has been sublimated to a permit make light work. About 10 times a month times the loan amount, under the presence of financial proof, growing to new heights. Relatively easy to use financial support include ownership and vehicle driving permit and Provident Fund deposit certificates.
3. mode interest monthly catch
loan product range on the market, its name also varies, according to the interest rate charged, and on a monthly basis in the form of management fees. On the surface, but a different name, but in fact their interest-there is a big difference in the way. Although some bank loan rates low, but at the cost of very high. The reason is that monthly repayment of management fees in the form of each period are to the original loan amount as the base, from the first phase to the final phase of the cost is the same. Interest rate system but not with interest will decrease as the repayment of principal reduction, decrease your overall interest. So, you want to choose a cost-effective products, though rates depends on the total cost.