Deutsche Bank: 2015 dovish Outlook of the Federal Reserve is expected to support gold prices

2nd, Deutsche Bank (Deutsch Bank), Chief United States economist Joseph LaVorgna said on Tuesday (December 30) said United States Federal open market Committee (FOMC) maintained its dovish stance in 2015, this would mean that the Federal Reserve (FED) tended to ease monetary policy, which could boost the price of gold.
the economist explains, by comparing the FOMC officials vote in 2015, will find the Fed when the stance of policy will differ from the 2014; in 2014, United States FOMC hawks (inclined to tighten monetary policy) and doves ratios as high as 2.6:5, but in 2015, down to 1.8:5.
the economists in above report in the pointed out that, United States FOMC will in 2015 years loss off most Eagle sent of Philadelphia joint storage President puluosuo (Charles Plosser) and slightly Eagle sent of Cleveland joint storage President Mestre (Loretta Mester), although 2015 version FOMC votes Board not has special highlight of Eagle sent members, but existing Eagle sent members fed governing Powell (Jerome Powell) and Richmond joint storage President ( Jeffrey Lacker) but still have the right to vote.
the economists think the 2015 Edition United States FOMC lineup will affect the startup time for Fed's 2015 normalizing interest rates, especially if the Federal Reserve's decision in the middle of 2015 to start raising interest rates, United States economy will clearly push United States salary increases and inflationary pressures.
in 2014 at the Fed step by step bid farewell to a third round of quantitative easing (QE) policy situations, FOMC to raise interest rates for the first time point in time became a significant topic in 2014, making Federal Reserve rate hike Outlook pushed the dollar higher and lead to gold (1182.92,-0.98,-0.08%) markets shudder.
the Federal Reserve President Yellen (Janet Yellen) on December 17, 2014 rate said at a press conference held after the meeting, the Fed will not in the future at least twice on the interest rates announced at the meeting. Yellen's comments made some economists believe, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates in June 2015 the earliest, but also believe that the FOMC will be September 2015 trip to start normalizing interest rates on monetary policy meeting.
but some economists and market analysts have been concerned that in 2015 whether the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates. Experts also believe that once the market over a longer period of the Fed once again ease monetary policy expected to kill the second act would make a degree of downside for the dollar, which helped gold prices rose.