Dollars in 2015, will the 2014 General continued to "all mountains in a single glance"?

In 2014, the dollar is a real winner. Dollars not only hit 11-year high, and at the same time, stocks driven by strong GDP and employment data, Diego high, global capital flows from other countries and regions to join United States financial markets. Data shows that the month of September alone, United States long-term net capital inflows reached a record $ 164.3 billion. "Dollar paper".
in the context of a stronger dollar, precious metals fell overall. After 2013 fell 23%, gold, again in 2014 fell more than 1%; silver was again dropped 18%; Platinum 12.2%, Palladium show strong year up over 10%. Overall, since the precious metal extended a 2013 2014 trend of adjustment.
dollar rises doesn't mean its no problem, on the contrary, United States part of the concern is likely to pose a serious threat to the dollar's gains. In my opinion, a quarter in the year 2015, United States debt is likely to be raised dollar drop, precious metal bulls an opportunity to counterattack. United States debt crisis such as soap opera in General, broke out more than once, but each crisis appears, form a larger impact on world financial markets, and even the global economy.