Domestic gold and silver commodities with mini rose

1st yesterday, domestic gold and Silver Futures and spot commodity charge up. Data displayed, Shanghai Futures Exchange gold futures trading most active of June 2015 delivery contracts night trading slightly low open, reported each grams 239.25 Yuan; opening also is day minimum price; opened Hou jumped rose to day highest points each grams 244.8 Yuan; yesterday early disc sharply high open Hou narrow fluctuations run, eventually reported received Yu each grams 241.65 Yuan, more Qian a day settlement price rose 1.6 Yuan, gains 0.67%.
spot gold closed up. Data show that Shanghai gold exchange gold Au99.95 closed Yu each grams 240.05 Yuan, rose 2.5 Yuan, total sold 4934 kg; Gold Au99.99 closed Yu each grams 240.59 Yuan, rose 3.17 Yuan, total sold 9588.88 kg; Gold Au100g closed Yu each grams 240.28 Yuan, rose 2.06 Yuan, total sold 29.6 kg; Gold Au (T+D) closed Yu each grams 240 Yuan, rose 1.82 Yuan, total sold 67664 kg.