Gold prices after the 2015 market will going away

gold prices yesterday expected in 2015 will have a round of strong gains again below 1130-above the target location where.
United States Labour Department published first United States quarter adjusted initial claims for State unemployment benefits last week, expected value of 290,000 people in the market, the former value of 280,000 people.
United States debut December Chicago purchasing managers ' index, expected values is 60.1, the former value of 60.
this data reflects manufacturing industry in production, orders, prices, employees, delivery and other aspects of development, also reflects the United States employment in the manufacturing sector.
overnight in the price of gold as expected, the second case, first blocked by 1190/1192 fall (the highest hit 1190.74), then touch the previously mentioned short target around 1180 (minimum test 1182.44), firm in 1180 after the price of gold on a line directly above the broken triangle consolidation of the previously mentioned forms.
international gold price map levels could continue rebound have yet to be fully confirmed, but short-term kinetic energy bulls dominated the international gold price, big probability of a continued rebound.
international gold price action was suggested to wait for the callback, admission is around the 1195/1192 interval timing long stops 1190, upside target around the 1208, 1210, effectively broken and then look at 1214, hold the 1210/14 interval, then went on to study probability of impact to the 1223.