Greece back in Europe increased risk, safe-haven of gold sharply back

Gold Asian plates continued early on Friday strong bearish momentum, sharply lower once again killed, attacked early support near $ 1170, us shocks at this location, and then in the United States Manufacturing PMI data and the Greece crisis will launch euro-zone news fuelled a dramatic rebound lifted, breaking the intraday highs collection line.
United States Institute for supply management on Friday (January 2) released data shows that United States December ISM manufacturing purchasing managers ' index (PMI) unexpectedly fell to 55.5 in June 2014, the lowest since, is expected to return slightly to 57.5, the former value of 58.7. December ISM index of new orders dropped to 57.3 in May 2014, the lowest since former values of 66.0 December ISM inventories index fell to 45.5, the former value of 51.5 December ISM index fell to 58.8, the former value of 64.6. Elan Analyst: United States manufacturing data fell sharply reflected on the one hand for the United States economy has downward, on the other hand is also consistent with the influence of seasonal factors. December is Christmas and new year's holiday months, general manufacturing will be dropped.
Gold Shang Friday early disc flat open slightly shocks, in 1188 dollars near bearing pressure down, Europe disc period accelerated down, disc in the below 1178,1170 dollars support, minimum down to 1168 dollars, in 1170 dollars area shocks get support, fast up pulled, breakthrough days high, highest arrived 1195 dollars, tail disc shocks down, eventually received out Xia shadow line is long of small Yang line, short power was Digest, future shocks rose.
after the sharp falls in gold, take advantage of killing again, but after Pierce $ 1170 support level slightly, quickly pulled close out hatched under a long line of Yang, said callback on the short end, future shock rebound. Gold short-term moving average all interwoven in the vicinity of $ 1180-1200, with no apparent direction, above the air is expected to this regional competition. In touching the rail under Bollinger on Friday supported a rally, Bollinger in the track in the vicinity of $ 1198, pressure will continue if they can break through the uplink, attack attack on nearby. MACD indicator green column to narrow, KDJ low gold fork up to bulls rebound advantage.