Three major data finale debut gold who has perfect ending?

January 1, Wednesday (December 31) was last trading day 2014, will usher in the end of war in the financial markets. Days the dollar index hovered near 90 mark, spot gold dropped slightly below the level of 1200 to after yesterday's strong gains, market is relatively thin. Evening will include United States initial claims for State unemployment benefits last week the number of pending home sales and the debut of three major economic data, the dollar and gold will be how to welcome a new year deserves attention.
us $ rally is slowing is expected to "perfect ending"
global financial markets Wednesday in 2014-the final battle, as one of the most strong currency this year, hopefully, dollar index at 90 points above, this year drawing to a successful close.
Greece influence situations weaken the euro, the dollar index last trading days rose to 90.32, refresh the nearly 9-year high. EURUSD designated days in the vicinity of the 90 mark.
reviews the dollar index moves more than a year, the dollar rose against a basket of major currencies is about 12%, the biggest annual gain since 2005, best interpretation of "return of the King".
United States economic recovery strong enough confidence in the dollar, expectations rising and keep the Federal Reserve from raising interest rates, so as to push the dollar recorded a monthly 6 even Yang in the second half.
market analysts noted that the widely expected the Federal Reserve (FED) would raise interest rates next year, could further strengthen the dollar's "charm" 2015 dollar rise or will continue to be the market's "theme".
, but in the short run, the dollar faced some selling pressure indices or investors or in 2015 and the first trading week for the dollar remain cautious.
Citi (Citi) stated that "the models show the dollar selling pressure against other G10 currencies. Meanwhile, at the end of the liquidity shortage amid portfolio adjustments flow may have a greater impact. "
Chief analysts at Valeria Bednarik said, driven by profit-taking in the end, the dollar gave back recent increases. Greece risk aversion in the market triggered by the Council is one reason $ callback.
technical point of view, the dollar index narrow range near the 90 level, further narrowing the MACD indicator red kinetic energy column, double-line convergence, momentum has waned, attention 10th averages 89.85 nearby short-term support level.